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Thomasville Furniture is a part of Heritage Home Group (HHG), a world leader in designing and manufacturing home furnishings.  The HHG portfolio includes some of the world's most respected name brands in the furniture industry, renowned for their quality and timeless designs.

The Thomasville Furniture brand was born in North Carolina in 1904, recognized primarily for one product, which became known as "The Thomasville Chair".  The Thomasville Chair Company turned out 180 chairs per day and owed two local timber farmers $2000 for lumber.  These farmers, the Finch brothers, accepted stock in the company as repayment, and inevitably planted the seeds of entrepreneurial spirit and superior craftsmanship that still flourish today.

Over 100 years later, Thomasville Furniture has evolved into a household brand name, known for innovation, quality, and value.  The company prides itself on its dynamic and flexible spirit, which enables Thomasville Furniture collections to evolve to keep in step with trends of today.  Innovative designs, manufacturing quality, and superior value are the core elements of all Thomasville retail and contract collections.

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