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La Barge

La Barge is a part of Heritage Home Group (HHG), a world leader in designing and manufacturing home furnishings.  The HHG portfolio includes some of the world's most respected name brands in the furniture industry, renowned for their quality and timeless designs.

La Barge
designers travel the world to bring you the very finest handcrafted mirrors, tables and accent furnishings.  Seeking the most skilled artisans, who create their pieces by hand, La Barge uses such time-honored techniques as sculpting, carving, gilding, and hand-rubbed finishes.
La Barge has continued to explore the use of contrasting materials on traditional forms, creating an intriguing array of designs that balance the past and present; designs that lend a European flavor that spans the centuries. From a Regency inspired gilded mirror for the drawing room to classical interpretations that bring the romance of the garden indoors, there is a blend of sophistication and casual elegance evident throughout the entire collection.

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